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The Official Website of Brett Baker, Actor.

My life purpose is to practice well, not to create evil, and to actualize good for others. I do this through meditation and prayer every morning and evening. I believe the secret to a good life is being of service to others. Through our own action and collective awakening, we try to set a good example for living, but most importantly, we help actualize an end to the suffering of our brothers and sisters. The poor, the downtrodden and those whose hearts are filled with despair.  Through our conscious and responsible contact with the community, the land, the church, the city and the country we bring forth the profound goodness and ancient wisdom of all spiritual teaching. 

Brett Baker - Early

1976, Brett and his dad fishing in Alaska

Everyday, through our work, we make a living amends to those friends, family and strangers we have hurt. The Lakota Sioux believe the Great Wakan Tanka (‘Sacred’ or ‘Divine’ Spirit) is the essence of life, which exists in all living things. Christians believe that Christ died for the sins of the world and His crucifixion embodies the Great Mystery of Life. We apply and put into practice a spiritual foundation for living from which all other things are able to manifest.  It is with this spirit of community and healing, I try to facilitate my work not just as a storyteller through acting, music and writing, but as a friend, husband, uncle, and son.

Like a shaman, we dance the dance. We actualize respect and gratitude for all that is Divine. We focus our energy on living our life in a skillful manner. We put forth an effort to acknowledge the unforeseen forces that guide us throughout our lives. It is an invocation of the Spirit. A calling that we are invited to answer. It is the call of the wild. It is everything seen and unseen. We answer the voice within each of us by aligning ourselves with the Spirit of Love and the forces of goodness. We stand still, toe-to-toe with all phenomena, and listen.

– Brett Baker